Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hope you got some good calendars, too !

Busy day today. Dearest Son and his grandparents wanted a nice, long visit, so we were up early to make it happen. While I was getting his lunch and dropping him off, Beloved Hubby got his paycheck and made arrangements to drop off the other white truck (M-truck) that we were gonna buy from his boss, but everyone involved had second thoughts, so it’s going back to Boss. When, we weren’t sure, but it’d have to be soon – I got a warning ticket for blocking the sidewalk Wednesday. Three cars on a two-car driveway just doesn’t work, especially when Beloved needs the garage.

Luckily, Boss wanted the truck back sometime this weekend, so while Dearest was busy, we drove it up. What a relief ! Getting that warning ticket, even with no fine, was really bothering me. On the way home, we decided to visit a pawn shop known for its excellent tool selection – and they did not disappoint this time, either. Beloved found a framing nailer, the same brand he’s been stalking on Craigslist, for $50. cheaper. It ended up being $75. cheaper after his offer was accepted ! I scored two Hot Wheels cars from a free box - they said I could take the whole box, but I didn’t wanna be greedy when I had a silver Ferrari and a ’79 “Vette Van” already in my hot little hands. We had a late lunch at a small cafĂ© around the corner that was so delicious, I barely played with my ‘new’ cars in favor of devouring my gyro plate. Beloved was, of course, eating up the nailer manual along with his meal.

I talked him into the thrift down the street, but neither of us found anything. On the way home, we stopped for the nails his ‘new’ tool needed, and got a text on the way out. Dearest was ready to come home. Beloved wanted to visit a bit, so he dropped me off at home so I could meander around Hancock Fabrics for a while.

In retrospect, this was a bad move. Oh, I had fun, found some gorgeous fleece and PowerStretch pieces half-off in the remnants bin, and Star Wars fabrics on the Spot the Dot sale tables, and it was fantastic to linger and take my time. It wasn’t very busy at all, either. But when I went to have my three fabrics cut, this trip became a nightmare. And it certainly wasn’t their fault, and I wasn’t the best customer, but. . .  well, this is what happened. Two people were working the cutting tables, with one on register. I got behind one line, with one being served and one queued. The other table was much the same. Then the cutter left. Evidently, she just went on break or something, for us two, she was there one minute, gone the next. We were advised to just wait, the cashier would be with us shortly, but it never happened. Of course, as soon as folks got their fabric cut, they went right to the register, so that line never ended either.

By now, my line-mate and I had already discussed surgical scars and other such delights quite thoroughly, and the line at the other table was now three customers long. But we were still told to stay where we were. Fifteen minutes after that, we’d both lost patience after seeing people who got in line long after us checking out, and that line not getting any shorter either. So we moved over – and while that cutter took my line-mate next, she seemed to completely not see me at all, except as a vacant spot to direct her urge for my continuing patience. I got so tired of standing and waiting, I got dizzy and muggy-headed, and sat down on the floor. This didn’t affect anything, the people who were definitely after me still got called first, and I was thanked twice more for my patience.

I’d been in line for 40 minutes by then, and just before it’s finally my turn, the other cutter comes back from break – and takes the customer behind me, the one with about 30 bolts of fabric. I darn near lost it. Quite literally, by the time my fabric was cut, there was no line at either table, I was it. And then, as I tried to hold back my impatience and dizziness to get to the register. . .  yup, it was time for her to go on break, so they had to switch drawers. I sat back down on the floor again. This time, the manager saw me, and she opened the other register for me, which was very kind, but I really wasn’t in the greatest mood, and while I did remember to thank her, I wasn’t at my best and growled a bit. Now I feel bad about going back there, ‘cause I was such a jerk. Maybe they’ll forget or want my limited funds enough to pretend to forget. I know not to go there again on Saturday, that’s fer double sure !

Had to sit in the car for a few and eat the emergency candy in my purse before I felt steady enough to drive home. It was mostly my own fault for waiting so long when I knew I needed to go soon, but I had no idea it’d get that ridiculous. They were doing all they could, and I know that, but I still don’t know why the cutter kept insisting everyone go in front of me. And those jokers knew darn good and well how long I’d been waiting and didn’t offer or anything, just stepped around  me and kept on going. Much as I’d like to curse the lot, it was still my own responsibility for letting it get that bad, so I just hoped they’d suffer the same three times this year, and remember me each time. They got off easy.

At least I had a comfy chair and some chips to collapse with when I got home ! And my guys let me whine for a while. Perhaps that’s all I really wanted.


  1. Okay, that's not right. I vote for a call or email to corporate with that store's number in hand. They seriously need to streamline their procedures better if customers are having to wait so long they end up sitting in the floor.

  2. I don't know why you're embarrassed, the employees are at fault.The cutter should have said she was going on break after she was done serving the customers already in line, same goes for the cashier. You don't just take off and leave customers stranded.I agree with Presto, an email to corporate would get them to shape up.

  3. Nothing you stated was your fault. You are much better than I am. I would have spoken up after the first incident of being passed over. I do think that the phone call to corporate is warranted. The service you didn't get was deplorable. Make that phone call. I probably wouldn't go back to that location because of the service not because of embarrassment