Monday, October 24, 2016

Belle in Mattel !

Now that I’m approaching normal (for me, anyway) mentally and physically again, I can’t help but take stock of all the changes that have flowed past me this summer. I won’t be able to drift through Hancock Fabrics anymore – I kept planning on going over, but was never healthy enough to do so. And now it’s shuttered forever. Same for a favored local thrift. Drove past, hoping to catch the hours, but it’s gone, too. JoAnn’s is a bit of a drive away, so I don’t go often, same for Hobby Lobby, a store I have issues with anyway. This may be the year I actually use more of what I got than more of what I just bought !

That said, I have five Barbie-size outfits I haven’t put on dolls yet, all from Mal-Wart. Hoping for a good day to hit TRU soon ! Haven’t been there in months. Snagged one official Mattel dress, four Sparkle Girlz, during the month. What can I say, if I buy doll clothes instead of stitching ‘em m’self, I want ‘em to be just a buck or two. And Dollar Tree hasn’t had much of late. Strapless bodices sewn to garbage Velcro ™ and unevenly gathered skirts I can sew blindfolded anytime, and that’s all DTree’s current dolls wear. Not to mention I hate buying a doll because I like her star-print dress, especially when I know how poorly made both doll and dress are.

So I dressed the ‘vintage’ (lol, 1991) Disney Belle I claimed from eBay just before I got sick in the pretty green slip dress from Mattel. At $2.44 from Mal-Wart, it was just the dress, no accessories. But I like the packaging – I can see if it’s a ‘front only’ print, or wiggle it a little bit in the plastic baggie to see the asymmetrical hem. It’s super tight, so that it barely closes at the top. But it’s cute on her, and the Sparkle Girlz silver slides go well with it, too. One outfit on a pretty doll, four to go ! 

Beloved Hubby has promised to move the hard drive in my toasted desktop over to his working one sometime this week, so I can retrieve all my files – embroidery designs, new photos, writings, etc. I miss them all, although I couldn’t tell ya what I don’t have right now. 

I was busy today, too. Got a good chunk of the mess in the living room sorted out, the clutter was giving us walk-paths instead of living room. Left Beloved Hubby’s desk space alone – that’s his mess to sort through. Hoping to make sense out of the clean (?) laundry piles tomorrow. After I do a bit of shopping, we’re out of laundry detergent, and even if only half these clothes are dirty, there’s a huge pile of it waiting for me.

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  1. Hey Dorrie, have you been able to check out Hastings yet? I managed to get a couple of doll items pretty cheap before ours closed forever!