Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome to some good ole down-home old-fashioned country-fried testing ! Hate to do this as a first entry, but it's gotta get done sometime. Wanna have everything ready to go and familiar by 01 May, when this more or less 'goes live'. 

Let's see how those photos go...

Not too bad - I can put in a small clickable image here or post it full-size. This is from ye olde Flickr account, and there's a bit of hoop-jumping to get the 'right' code, but I've learned more involved stuff with Tripod. So far, so good. Cut/Paste from Word works, too. 

Now I can only hope I don't tear through a ton of space here ! 

And I won't have to add that green background to photos anymore. It's all white here. So many little adjustments...

How d'ya like the fish ? Click to feed them ! Just like real koi, they'll follow the cursor, hoping for chow. I like this !

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