Thursday, June 14, 2018

The joy of thrift-store grab-bags !

Beloved Hubby told me, as soon as we woke up, that his birthday was one of the nicest he’s ever had. That started the day off on a good note !

With the purchase of a new-to-me vintage pattern box last week, I realized I had some organizing to do. So I dragged out all my paper printed patterns – it took two trips – already in two pattern boxes and scattered about, and got to work. I now have one box of fashion doll patterns (Barbie, Monster High, Elphie), a box  of baby doll patterns (mostly for Timey Tell), and a loaded box of AG. Once it was all done and arranged, I set up a simple checklist / database, too. And that doesn’t even include all the digital and PDF ones, just the commercial paper prints. Whew, I have tons !

Also went through yesterday’s thrift grab-bag. I scored a dozen lovely, lacy handkerchiefs, two with holes, two with a monogrammed ‘W’. Can use them all after a quick wash ! The fabrics all seem to be from an abandoned attempt at making an AG or infant-size Elsa costume – they got as far as the bodice - from teal sequin and silver dot fabrics, with lots more remnants. I also got large pieces of ice blue satin, strands of two sizes of plastic pearls, a half-spool of dark blue ribbon and a still-sealed reel of white with green dot grosgrain.

There was also a package of Velcro ™ sticky-back dots, two large balls of soft, nubbly burgundy yarn, several random patches, satin and paper cords, an untouched package of shoelaces, and a still-intact package of pressure wrap, like the kind medical staff uses when you donate blood, to hold the cotton ball down, but green and wider.

It took me a few minutes to figure out, but I also got a pink and black  SpiBand wrist/ankle cuff. It was half wrong side out and kind of strange-looking, but once the site showed me what it was supposed to look like, it made sense. It’s a Lycra workout cuff that can hold small things, like ID or locker keys. It would probably also work as a light wrist brace, it’s very comfortable. Love my new, useful $10. 
freebie !

Was gonna re-donate the burgundy satin cording, but Mercy-kitty attacked it with such zeal, it’s hers now. She’s been with us a year and a half, and is still so much a kitten. (sigh) She gifted us another dead wren this weekend, so I clearly need to engage her more at home.

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